Why teen lesbian porn is banned in Pickens Azalea festival?

Film festivals have gained popularity the world over, offering film enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes peek of some of their favorite on-screen shows. They get to interact with the stars, ask questions, watch some scene’s replayed live, re-watch the films together with other enthusiasts among a host of many other film-related treats only available at these events like Pickens Azalea festival.
Going by this basket of activity, it is exciting to think how a porn film festival would look like. But no, you are unlikely to be able to live out your fantasy that soon. For starters, there really aren’t that many porn films out there. There is only a handful around the world, like Dan Savage’s ‘Hump Festival’ in Manhattan, which is not exactly a porn festival anyway, and the three-year-old NYC Porn Festival which has not fully taken off yet.
But even here, you won’t really get a lot of what you expect. Teen porn is largely uncommon despite a claim to expose emerging talent. Teen lesbian porn is even harder to find. Here are a few answers to the question ‘why teen lesbian porn videos are not allowed in film festival?’
Scarcity of festivals with adult content

Mainstream festivals the world over like Sundance, Cannes, Venice, New Zealand, New York and London Film festival stick strictly to mainstream films. Actually, most will always avoid movies that edged more towards the adult side even though these movies were passed by respective classification boards. They are viewed as family events and organizers strive to keep the content they air within those confines.
With such festivals avoiding adult content in its entirety, teen lesbian videos in http://www.youngpornvideos.com/videos/straight/lesbian-popular.html definitely get the chop.
Legal-societal hurdles

The porn industry is always fighting hurdles from all sides of society. While many people- some whom you get the feeling might enjoy a blue movie in their secret spaces- would love to see the industry quashed piecemeal, others are always pushing to have regulations that deal the adult entertainment industry a slow death. Remember the recent pressure to ensure condoms are clearly visible in porn films?
Well, the dealing on both sides of the board by many of these congregants means the porn industry is here to stay, but it also has to tread some waters with caution. Screening teen-starred films is likely to cause an uproar that the industry can do without especially in these formative years of film festivals like Pickens Azalea festival. It gets worse when the teen models are lesbians, seeing as many people view porn as playing an active role in shaping young people’s sexuality.
Performers’ requests

While the porn industry is not generally regarded as the most friendly workplace, it still has some degree of consideration for its players. there are many stories of performers handing over the rights of their works entirely after their production, with no control whatsoever over how such works are used from that point.
While there may be some truth in that, it is also true that the directors of these films are in business and would like to retain a good relationship with their budding stars for future works. Some of the actors in the teen lesbian videos are still too shy and would prefer their works not be screened at a festival. Many are still keeping their porn involvement as a secret away from their daily life, and a screening increases their chances of being exposed.
Directors, motivated by the legal environment, often grant this request.
Festival audience preferences

What would be the purpose of a festival if it did not serve the audience’s preferences? Most adult film festival goers are middle age adults and would love to see more mature content. True, some of these people probably watch teen lesbian videos in their usual porn consumption, but this is a secret fantasy that they might not be ready to reveal to the world yet. Some attend these festivals with their partners, and although this is a pointer some degree of sexual liberalism, many still want to see conventional man-woman films.

Dan Savage describes The Hump as a festival for people who don’t love pornography. They prefer amateur films made by real lovers. Now, teens are not your ordinary depiction of ‘real lovers,’ leave alone lesbian teens.
The adult film festival industry is slowly taking shape, but it will take a while, and a daring organizer, before we have lesbian teen videos screening with frequency. Can we say 2020 maybe?

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