What happens inside your head after a traumatic brain injury?

Imagine you have a Very large and complex jigsaw puzzle of the mind. You are trying to Piece together a concrete picture from thousands of little pieces, but you are not completely certain how the bits fit or even if you have all the pieces necessary to complete your puzzle. Then imagine for a moment you want to explain what you are doing to somebody who knows very little about jigsaw puzzles and much less about how the brain functions. That is the dilemma facing doctors who treat patients with traumatic or acquired brain injuries. The human mind is a Very intricate jigsaw puzzle and even through our understanding of it is growing exponentially; it is going to be years before we understand how all the bits fit together. Additionally it is a safe bet to assume we do not now have all of the pieces we must solve the puzzle.

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 At precisely the exact same time there is an increasing awareness of concussion injuries and there is an alarming need for successful therapy. We do understand how some of the pieces fit and there is research to guide us on how to attempt to assemble all of the pieces of the very intricate puzzle. And thankfully for people who have acquired a brain injury through sickness or disease or who want to recuperate from traumatic injuries to the brain, some progress from the long-term treatment of these kinds of injuries has been reported by neuroscientists. am going to use the Analogy of a mystery to attempt and describe to you what happens to the brain after an injury and what possibly can be done to put the pieces of an injured mind back together again and Click here for Keep in mind we might not have all of the pieces of the puzzle today and other folks working on this identical enormous puzzle might decide to start on another part of the puzzle.

Researchers from many diverse professions are working hard with what is known to attempt and assist people suffering from acquired brain injury and its long term following effects. With that said, image a big intricate jigsaw puzzle of the mind neatly laid out on a desk. Our puzzle is beautifully intricate and detailed. Now picture something or someone slams into the table, we will call this an insult to our brain/puzzle. Based on the intensity of this force/insult acting on our mystery, a few, many or most of the bits might become dislodged, rearranged and homeless. So immediately we have our first level of sophistication in handling brain injuries. That is that no two puzzles or brains will be effected the same. Each individual and their particular brain abuse will be unique to that individual.